Do  you think you have termites, or you want to make sure you don’t?     “well your in the right place”

Pestcorp has been there and done it when it comes to termite control and termite inspections, whether you have termites eating your home, in the garden or trees around your home, Pestcorp can promptly attend to your problem with a minumum of fuss.

Firstly before any treatment can be undertaken, legislation requires that a complete termite inspection be performed on your property, why a complete termite inspection? because until we have thoroughly checked your premises from top to toe we dont know if you have termites in one localised area or whether there are more areas where they are causing damage, i know personally myself, if i found termites in an area of my home i would want to feel comfortable in knowing that any other termites and not just the ones i stumbled upon were found, Once your termite inspection is completed you will receive a full written report and treatment proposal that is easy to understand and in black and white, so no hidden catches or nasty surprises at the end.

We combine the use of Thermal Imaging Cameras , Moisture Meters, black and white termite inspection reports and Termite treatment proposals combined with old school values and work ethic for peace of mind to make Pestcorp stand out above all other pest control companies when it comes to termite inspections and active termite treatment in brisbane, Ipswich and on the Gold Coast.

Pestcorp qld is your one stop shop for all things termites, We install Termite barriers, Chemical treated zones, Reticulation systems and Termite monitoring stations (bait stations) around your home, office or commercial building, whatever the structure you have that needs protecting from termites on the Gold Coast or the greater Brisbane area we have a solution.

Feel free to contact us either by phone or the contact us form on this page to receive an obligation free quote, or if your simply after some advice on your termite problem on the Gold Coast or Brisbane area, one of our fully trained and experienced termite technicians will gladly give you the advice you need.

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